Ulcers – Bed Sores – Diabetic Foot

Ulcers are chronic wounds that may be due to inadequate arterial flow, venous insufficiency, diabetes (neuropathic ulcer – diabetic foot) and prolonged pressure (bed sores).

They are a frequent problem and affect millions of people in the world.

Accurate diagnosis is essential to addressing these situations. It is very important to check the adequacy of the arterial flow of the area.

In general, the treatment aims both on repairing any anatomical element that prevents treatment, and on optimizing the healing environment.

Therapeutic measures that Plastic Surgeon uses are:

  • surgical cleaning of ulcer necrotic tissue
  • closed-wet dressing
  • raising and compression of the extremity
  • use of growth factors
  • use of special patches
  • vacuum assisted closure (VAC) treatment
  • skin substitutes (Integra)
  • improving nutrition
  • control of blood sugar

Before & After