Aesthetic Circumcision

Aesthetic circumcision is a surgical procedure through which prepuce, the skin which covers glans, is removed.

Circumcision was always used either to treat phimosis, a pathological condition in which the prepuce opening is narrow, religious reasons, or oncological reasons in cases of prepuce lesions.

Recently, circumcision is popular enough for the aesthetic result to the external male genital organs.

Circumcised penis is elegant and masculine while emerging better during erection. Women prefer the aesthetic of a circumcised man while it seems that they are more satisfied during sexual contact. Men submitted to circumcision report sexual contact of increased duration.

Moreover circumcision offers better hygiene in the region and as a result the infections from germs or molds are extremely rare while reducing the danger of penis cancer.

The surgery is done with topical anesthetic and lasts almost an hour. After surgery, sexual abstention is recommended for nearly one week. The area is rapidly healed and scars are practically indistinguishable.

The surgery results are expeditiously obvious and really impressive.

Short Frenulum – Frenulectomy

Frenulum is an elastic band of tissue which connects the under surface of the penis to the prepuce. When it is short, it is called frenulum breve.

In case of short frenulum, the problems which worry us are both functional and aesthetic:

  • short frenulum may impede glans unveiling during erection, when glans is revealed during it, it is bended downwards because of short frenulum pulling and penis straightness is perished
  • there is a chance of partial or total abruption of frenulum and bleeding during sexual contact
  • pain may appear during sexual contact
  • balanoposthitis are more frequent

This problem is treated with frenulectomy.

It is accomplished with topical anesthetic, fast and painlessly. Returning to routine is immediate. Sexual contact is recommended a week after the procedure.

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Before & After

Aesthetic Circumcision
Aesthetic Circumcision