Sensual Lips

The lips are a central anatomic structure of the lower third of the face, of the highest aesthetic and functional importance.

The beautiful, well-formed and sensual lips that frame a charming smile naturally bring out the special features of our face.

We recommend that your lips be rejuvenated with a lip-specific, hyaluronic acid injection:

  • if you have thin lips and you are interested in increasing their volume (lip augmentation)
  • if is needed to fix their shape and contour
  • if lips have lost their natural volume
  • if wrinkles appear on the lips and show dehydrated
  • if your lip corners they suffer ptosis

Hyaluronic acid is a widespread, modern and safe aesthetic facial treatment. It is a natural component of the skin, which is used in an injectable form, with the soft gel texture, for revitalizing and antiaging purpose on the lips. It corrects wrinkles, acting as an internal support network, and in addition replenishes the natural volume that is lost over time.

There is no age limitation for the application of hyaluronic acid in the lips, and it is applied to both men and women. Generally, however, it is suggested to be applied after adolescence.

At young ages of 20-30 years, non-invasive procedure of the lips usually involve volume growth and contour correction, and at older ages treatment is applied to restore volume loss and wrinkle relief due to the effect of aging.

The treatment requires a short time in the clinic and the return to our day-to-day activities is immediate. In the lip region, is applied anesthetic cream or local anesthesia, which makes the treatment painless. Micro bruising may appear which are easily covered with lipstick and resolve in a few days.

The effect of lip rejuvenation – augmentation with hyaluronic acid is immediately visible and lasts about 1 year.

With the use of excellent quality materials, we get natural – perfect lips with a long lasting result.