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Plastic Surgery is a compound, continuously developing science-art targeting at the improvement of a person’s physical appearance but also the correction of acquired or even related problems.
Nowadays this science has ceased to be considered a taboo or luxury thus the Plastic Surgeon is proved to be a valuable assistant and colleague for us all, independently of age, sex, profession, financial status or other parameters.
These practices appliance of this science is effective only by abiding by particular principles and prerequisites. The Plastic Surgeon owes to aim for the absolute patient’s safety, the natural-harmonic result, compatible with the person’s physical appearance, medical practicing based on substantiated, through research, knowledge, his human but also discreet contact with the patient, fully personalized approach of each incident, sincerity and honesty concerning patient’s informing about the expected functional and aesthetic effect.
Undeniable advantage is also the gentle perception of the “beautiful” and his moral attitude on any medical issue or dilemma.
Through this site I would like to share these principles, for which I am committed to you, with you.

Dr. Drimouras Georgios

Pioneering Plastic Surgery

With absolute respect to the patient, we commit ourselves to providing a high level of medical services with modern cosmetic and reconstructive techniques, achieving the perfect result.

Procedures – Treatments

Only topical anesthesia is required for almost all procedures and just a few hours in our spaces in state-of the-art and excellently equipped medical labs!

Cosmesis & Reconstruction – Skin Tumors

Early diagnosis and specialized treatment is the corner stone in the cosmetic and reconstructive restoration of skin tumors.

Our team consisted of Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Anesthesiologists, Pathologoanatomist, Nurses and Aesthetician are all next to you to provide you with supreme scientific level medical services.

Our specialization and constantly updating and upgrading, guarantee the best possible treatment with the most current curative methods.

We invite you for a personal appointment to experience the most innovative and safest surgical techniques of cosmetic medicine, skin rejuvenation and anti-aging systems as well.

Thank You!

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