Age Spots

Sunspots or age spots are skin regions with increased melanin deposition. They are brown, grey or black and mainly appear on photo-exposed body areas, such as face, cleavage, back and hands dorsal surface. It is premature-aging indication.

Freckles are more frequent in childhood and adolescence. They notably appear on the face and they are more intense and numerous during summer months. They mostly appear to children with fair skin and red or blond hair.

Lentigos are acquired spots appearing after chronic sun exposure and after sunburns. They may appear on the back, the shoulders and the chest.

These pigmentation damages are treated with Q-Switched laser. Laser energy is absorbed by the melanin, causing its decomposing and its further dissolving with natural body mechanisms, without affecting the tissues around.

The therapy is absolutely safe and effective. The damages tend to respond promptly and abate after 2 up to 3 sessions.

Some damages do not disappear completely; they acquire a perceptibly lighter color though, after treatment. Patients’ age and lifestyle are factors which play a vital role to therapy’s response level. These skin lesions treatments do not blockade new future lesions.

By protecting our skin from the sun and using sun protection daily, we reduce significantly the danger of sun spots.