Tattoo Removal

It is estimated that the 30% of the people who had a tattoo, choose to remove it during their life course, for personal, professional or social reasons.

Tattoo removal is completed with Q-Switched lasers in different wave lengths, which allow the gradual elimination of the colors it contains. The short duration palms of these particular lasers, aim at the tattoo stains, which are dissolved in very small pieces and removed with the natural body mechanisms without affecting the skin around. The tattoo fades gradually in the following weeks.

Due to different tattoos and stains used, the method is configured for each case individually. The stains respond to the laser in a different way. Some stains respond well enough while others are more resistant.

The tattoo removal required sessions are 4 – 6 with one month meantime, for the older ones. A more recent tattoo needs more sessions. Additionally, while non-professional tattoos may be removed after 4 – 6 sessions, the professional ones may need 6 – 10 sessions and in extreme cases even 20 sessions may be necessary.

With Q-Switched lasers the tattoo removal may be almost painless, effective and without side effects.