Mini Lift

Mini lift is an aesthetic surgical procedure that lifts and tightens ptotic tissues of the face and neck. This is a more conservative approach compared to the classic face lift.

The advantages of mini lift are:

  • is a good alternative for patients who do not wish to undergo a classic face lift
  • is performed with local anesthesia
  • is a short procedure with a short recovery time
  • has very good lasting results


Does the mini lift hurt?

Is done with local anesthesia and is a painless procedure. Also, there is no pain after surgery.

Where are the incisions made?

The incisions are placed around the ears. These positions are very favorable for healing. During the first postoperative period they can be covered with make-up. Along the way, in most cases, scars are of very good quality, almost imperceptible.

What about after surgery?

A light dressing is placed on the cheek that is removed after a 24-hour period. The stitches are removed in the next few days and until then they can be covered with the hair. Mild edema and ecchymosis are presented, easily covered with make-up and recede in 1-2 weeks. Cold compresses help to heal the area faster.

How will the face – neck look like after the mini lift?

You will look refreshed, with no exaggeration or change in your specific features. With the mini lift we not only bring back a more youthful image on the face – neck but also delay the rate of tissue loosening. So you will always look younger than your age.

How long does the result last?

The mini lift offers a long-lasting result on facial-neck rejuvenation. Other factors contributing to the long-term effect are:

  • a balanced diet
  • to avoid exposure to sunlight
  • a healthy lifestyle
  • genetic predisposition

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