Labiaplasty is an aesthetic surgical procedure succeeding the external female genital organs reconstruction and it is enlisted among the most popular aesthetic surgeries.

With labiaplasty we have the chance to:

  • reduce the size of hypertrophic inner labia
  • improve the shape of labia
  • balance the outer labia asymmetry
  • correct anatomically something which bothers us

Hypertrophic inner labia is a frequent anatomic variation and it can be inherited or caused during a woman` s life due to age progress, pregnancy and hormonal fluctuations.

What problems hypertrophic inner labia cause?

  • automatic irritation and sensitivity during sexual contact, exercising, cycling, walking
  • sense of insecurity and intense embarrassment during sexual contact
  • sense of embarrassment in a swimsuit on the beach
  • irritation in the underwear
  • frequent vaginal infections
  • unpleasant smell during menstruation period or because of perspiration

Labiaplasty offers a satisfying solution to the above difficulties.

It is important to know that with labiaplasty the sensory of the area is not affected.

After the surgery your psychology will change, you will regain your self-confidence and your sexuality will return.

Advantages of Labiaplasty

What are the advantages of labiaplasty?

  • the incisions are practically invisible
  • the surgery duration is short
  • it is completed with topical anesthesia
  • down time period is short
  • it is easily combined with other procedures
  • it is absolutely safe
  • it does not reduce area`s sensitivity

What is the down time period?

The correction is accomplished with the patient suffer no inconvenience. The area heals rapidly and well, resulting in returning to sexual activity after almost a week. During this period the area needs proper cleanliness and care.

After operation?

In the first 24 hours there is swelling in the area which soothes rapidly. Cold packs help to the faster swelling absorption. It takes great attention and meticulousness with area`s hygiene, mainly after every urinating. The returning to mild work is allowed after a few days while sexual contact is recommended after almost a week.

Will any marks remain?

The incisions are set in advantageous spots and as a result the scars are barely noticeable.

What does the area look like after the labiaplasty?

The result of labiaplasty is a natural and harmonious labia size. The region will be beautiful, vibrant and juvenile while all your negative feelings will disappear with the difficulties you experienced before the operation.

Labiaplasty results are permanent.

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