PDO Threads

PDO Threads is a therapy of directed collagenogenesis of the face and body tissues, in which we use special absorbable threads.

PDO threads are produced from the synthetic material polydioxanone, a completely bioabsorbable material, which is used for at least 30 years in the production of surgical sutures.

The threads are inserted into the skin without incisions, helped with an especially refined needle. They are intradermally and subcutaneously placed in a way so as to form a supportive plexous which uplifts and supports the tissues. In parallel, they are activated natural mechanisms of healing and reconstruction, creating a tighter and more elastic skin.

The threads biodegrade completely in almost 6 months and in the meantime we benefit from the collagen and elastic fibers production.


In which body areas are PDO threads set?

PDO threads are mainly used on the face and the neck to improve laxity, firm the skin, reduce wrinkles and boost elasticity of the tissues. They may also be used in other parts of the body like cleavage, upper part of the arms, gluteal region, abdomen, thighs inner surface and bust, targeting at the support and tightening of these regions.

Which problems are treated on face and neck?

With PDO threads we succeed:

  • correction of sagginess and jowl wrinkles
  • supporting and improvement of cheekbones
  • uplifting drooping mouth corners
  • improving around mouth wrinkles
  • correction of neck sagginess and wrinkles
  • skin reconstruction and photo-aging amelioration

How is the PDO threads treatment accomplished?

After examining carefully your face anatomy and its special characteristics, we prepare the skin and we set the threads in preassigned anatomic levels. Threads insertion is done through a very fine needle to minimize the irritation. The whole procedure lasts almost 1 hour.

What is apotherapy’s duration?

After treatment an insignificant edema appears which does not prevent us from our daily routine. Some ecchymosis which appear in the first hours, are easily covered with make-up and relent in one or two weeks. It is also advisable to avoid intense physical exercise the first 24 hours.

I am worried about having my facial expression changed or being defaced!

We should not worry about this. The Plastic Surgeon owns excellent knowledge of anatomy and the appropriate training.

When is therapy result apparent?

The first results are obvious immediately. Later, with collagen and elastic fibers production, we will notice a continuous progress of the result for several weeks after treatment.

How will my skin look after PDO threads therapy?

After therapy we look more refreshed, more relaxed and with a better skin quality.

What other therapy can the PDO threads be combined with?

PDO threads are combined with other cosmetic therapies, such as autologous mesotherapy PRP, fractional laser, APTOS threads, diamond microdermabrasion, Botox, mesotherapies and hyaluronic acid. With therapies combination we have better results concerning our skin’s rejuvenation.

Are threads a safe therapy?

It is about a safe therapy. Threads are produced from the synthetic material polydioxanone, a completely bioabsorbable material, used for at least 30 years in surgical sutures production.

How long does the PDO threads result last?

The result lasts from 6 to 8 months. Pivotal factors are region laxity grade, the patient’s age, the threads quality and number and the proper threads setting as well.

Can threads replace the cosmetic surgeries?

Threads function in a different way and cannot replace a conventional face lifting.

How often do I have to repeat the therapy?

A frequency of one or two times a year is satisfactory for excellent result maintenance.