The Hand

The Hand. Everything we want to learn about an object that we cannot get acquainted with other special sensory organs, we learn it with our hands. We learn about the texture of its surface whether it is hard or soft. We learn about its shape and its dimensions. We calculate its weight and conclude about its composition and its temperature.

The thumb, index and middle finger are the primary research fingers. They compose a three-point forceps, the edge of which has mounted on the special touch-sensing instrument. It is about one more “eye” at the tip of the hand.

Wound, burn and excision of tumors may cause tissue defect that needs to be reconstructed by the Plastic Surgeon.

Various pathological conditions should be treated. Such are:

  • contracted scars
  • Dupuytren’s disease
  • syndactylies
  • carpal tunnel syndrome

Plastic Surgeon uses several techniques to deal with the aforementioned situations-problems, aiming at excellent results from functional and aesthetic point of view.

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