The genioplasty or plastic surgery of the chin is the surgery that corrects the size and projection of the chin. The goal is a balanced relationship between the anatomical structures of the face.

The chin plastic surgery may include:

  • augmentation of the chin by placing a silicone implant
  • reduction of the chin, when it is hyperplastic, by intervening in the mandibular bone

When necessary, plastic surgery of the nose is made. This combination is called prophiloplasty as it completely remodels the profile of the face.

The procedure of chin implant augmentation is done with local anesthesia, while when it comes to intervening in the mandibular bone or when combining rhinoplasty, anesthesia is general.

The incision is made on the inside of the lower lip, in the oral cavity. External scars do not exist.

The return to day-to-day activities occurs almost immediately after augmentation genioplasty. When reduction genioplasty occurs, the recovery time is slightly longer.

The aesthetic result of the procedure is excellent.

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