APTOS Thread Lift

APTOS threads (AntiPTOtic System), are special lift-suspension threads to confront the sagginess of face and body anatomic structure.

They have small spikes lengthwise so as to hold the tissue we wish to lift. Simultaneously, they activate the natural reconstruction mechanisms, making our skin firmer and more elastic.

They differ by far to other threads, concerning their composition, their function and the results duration as well.

APTOS threads give us solution for milder tissue sagginess but also for more serious laxity, for whose correction, the patients do not wish surgical treatment.

The threads’ setting lasts almost 1 hour. After therapy there is a mild edema for a few days. Some ecchymosis may appear which can be covered with make-up until they are absorbed in the following 10-15 days. We need to be careful, avoid hard foods and extreme expressions such as intensive laughter, initially.

The results are immediately obvious and they last from 6 months to 1 1/2 year, depending on the anatomical region, the skin quality and the compliance with the Doctor’s instructions.


What are suspension threads?

It is about special absorbable threads with which we accomplish a non-surgical lifting. It is popular therapy which uplifts and supports face and neck tissues, without incisions, short down-time and immediately apparent results.

In which face and neck regions can APTOS threads be applied?

Lift threads can be applied in:

  • jowls
  • oval of the face
  • zygomatic area
  • double chin
  • neck
  • eyebrows
  • periorally
  • at the mouth angles

At what age lift threads therapy is applied?

Lift threads can be used from the age of 35-40 for the correction of incipient sagging but also after 50-55, when we have higher face and neck laxity.

I am worried about having my facial expression changed or being defaced!

We should not have such worries. The Plastic Surgeon has excellent anatomy knowledge and the appropriate training.

How is my skin after therapy?

In cases of highly loose tissues, some irregularities may appear on the skin, which gradually resolve. Minor edema and some ecchymosis may appear but they are temporary. We may feel the threads the first days. There is also a sense of ”pulling” which is minimized within the following period.

The lifting result is immediately apparent.

Can lift threads replace conventional lifting?

Lift threads act differently on the tissues, comparing to conventional face lift. Also, they do not excise excessive skin and they do not have the 10-15-year result duration of face lift.

When is therapy’s result apparent?

The uplifting result is directly apparent, natural and impressive.

What other therapies can lift threads applying is combined with?

The lift threads treatment can be combined with PDO threads, fractional laser, autologous mesotherapy PRP, and other cosmetic therapies such as Botox and hyaluronic acid.