Burn is the damage of tissues due to cell necrosis by the effect of heat.

The reasons that cause burn are:

  • heat
  • electricity
  • thunder
  • chemicals
  • cold
  • radiation

Major burns are treated at the Burning Units of the Hospital’s Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Small burns do not require hospitalization. However, it is essential to have a timely examination and specialized treatment from a Plastic Surgeon.

The principles of treating burns are:

  • relieving patient’s pain
  • prevention of inflammation
  • reassurance of quick and smooth healing with the use of techniques of plastic surgery
  • prevention of dysmorphic, hypertrophic and contracted scars
  • achievement of a good result from a functional and aesthetic point of view


Trauma or wound is any violent damage of tissues, whether internal or external, irrespective of the reason that caused it.

Frequent types of injuries are:

  • mechanical injuries and road accidents
  • burns
  • war injuries
  • bites

Trauma can have serious psychological, social and economic consequences.

Treatment of trauma from the point of view of Plastic Surgery focuses on the anatomical repair of the injured tissues, aiming both on functional reconstruction and on the optimal aesthetic result.

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