Fractional Laser Facial Rejuvenation

Fractional Laser. The modern way for the correction of:

  • lines and wrinkles
  • skin texture
  • discoloration
  • acne scars

Fractional CO2 laser is a photoanaplasis and skin tightening therapy, suitable for the face area but also other body areas, as neck, cleavage and dorsal surface of the hands.

It can also be applied to younger skins, from the age of 30, in order to prevent and to photoaged skins, which are in early or even more serious stages of skin laxity.

The laser uses fractional photothermolysis technology, through which energy passes safely into the skin, creating short thermal zones, among which islets of intact tissue are preserved, minimizing healing period and eliminating side effects.

With fractional laser, the skin collagen is remodeled, resulting in a more glowing, healthier and younger skin.

The therapy is fully personalized, as depending on the problem, the required parameters are selected, as the penetration depth, the energy, the pulse duration, thermal zones density in order to have the optimal result.

Fractional CO2 laser therapy benefits are:

  • rejuvenates facial skin
  • lessens pigmentations
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • eyelids area treatment is possible
  • improves acne scars
  • smoothens post-operative or post- burning scars
  • milds pregnancy mask – chloasma
  • improves stretch marks
  • tightens the skin
  • skin becomes smoother and youthful

With the suitable skin preparation, the treatment is tolerable well enough, while it lasts for almost an hour.

There is a post-therapy sense of heat for a few hours and appears a mild irritation, which relents the following days. We can use make up for a couple of days after the treatment. The irritation volume depends at a great extent on the therapy with fractional CO2 laser intensity but also the skin sensitivity.

The first week after the therapy, the skincare includes hydrating and sun cream while we should avoid sun exposure for the following period of time.

The results are obvious after 10-15 days, from the very first session, while there is continuous improvement in the following months. A usual therapy protocol includes 3-5 sessions in about 30 days meantime. The therapy cannot be accomplished during summer months.

Face rejuvenation with fractional CO2 laser can be combined with autologous mesotherapy – PRP (platelet rich plasma), with PDO threads and with diamond microdermabrasion for more impressive results.