LipoRegenerative Treatment – Fat Transfer – Stem Cells

Liporegenerative treatment is a technique at which we receive fat, usually from abdomen or thighs, and after the proper preparation, we inject it in the under treatment area of our body.

It is a method, which is used for many years in Plastic Surgery. The main previous problem was the low percentage of fat cells survival in their new position, a fact which used to make the repetition of the therapy required, in order to have complete results.

In recent years, with pioneer Dr Coleman, fat transfer techniques, succeeding fat cells high rates survival and excellent results, have been precisely described.

Fat transfer is an autologous therapy, as we use material from our own body, and absolutely safe.

Treatment has triple action on the skin:

  • the fat fills the wrinkles and gives volume to the spots that are placed
  • the fat contains pluripotent stem cells, regenerating the tissues, renewing the area
  • the fat donor area is improved by liposuction


How is fat taken?

The fat is taken through a type of liposuction with local anesthesia, usually from abdomen or thighs.

In which areas can it be applied?

Fat transplantation for purposes of rejuvenation, can be applied to:

  • face and neck
  • cleavage
  • arms

What problems are treated?

Fat transplant:

  • restores the facial lost volume
  • boosts the cheekbones
  • rejuvenates and uplifts facial tissues
  • revitalizes atrophic temples
  • restores eyelids volume deficit
  • smoothies nasolabial folds
  • gives shape and volume to the lips
  • corrects acne marks
  • revitalizes cleavage and neck
  • rejuvenates dorsal surface of the arms
  • corrects skin pits

What is the downtime duration?

The skin shows some redness which is reduced in 1 or 2 days. Edema appears in the area but it gradually lessens in the following weeks. Some bruises which emerge can be covered with makeup and they disappear in the next days. The first week we should not irritate the area with massage or intense moves, but afterwards we aim at this. We should avoid the exposure to the sun in the beginning. Furthermore we ought to avoid intensive physical activities during the first week.

When will I see the first results?

Even though we may see some early results right after the treatment, the impressive picture is revealed after the second or the third week and even 3 months later.

What are the advantages of the method?

The main advantage is the natural and long lasting effects.

What other therapies can it be combined with?

Lipotransplant is excellent combined with platelet rich plasma autologous mesotherapy, for results intensification.