Platelet Rich Plasma Autologous Mesotherapy

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) autologous mesotherapy is the ideal anti-aging technique, absolutely safe, which stimulates the natural reconstructive and rejuvenative skin mechanisms and helps us maintain healthy and glowing skin, preventing damages caused through time and environmental factors.

It is the most biocompatible therapy, as, instead of using exogenous material, it utilizes platelets autologous growth factors from our own blood.

The autologous therapy PRP advances collagen and elastic fibers production in the skin and increases neovascularization in skin tissues, providing impressive results.

In medical cosmetic it is usually used in face, neck, cleavage and the hands dorsal surface for:

  • prevention and treatment of aging skin
  • fine wrinkles improvement
  • discoloration correction
  • skin tightening

It can be used to improve cellulite, stretch marks as well as scars after acne, trauma or burns. It is also often used for the prevention and the treatment of hair loss.

The therapy, with the proper skin preparation, is almost painless and includes a small amount of blood withdrawal, PRP preparation and application on the under treatment area.

Right after treatment skin shows mild redness which reverses soon. Skincare for the following days includes mild soap and hydrating cream use.

PRP therapy acts beneficially for several months. Depending on skin needs, 3 to 4 sessions a year are recommended.

Autologous therapy is usually combined with other cosmetic therapies as diamond microdermabrasion, PDO threads, fractional laser facial rejuvenation, BOTOX and hyaluronic acid, giving a perfect result and complete face rejuvenation.